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What Is Bench Racing?

Hey! Dude here!
A very long time ago (back in the early 70s) I had a “to die for” job as one of the track announcers at Cecil County Drag-O-Way as one of their track announcers. It was just a weekend gig and I was getting paid cash, so it was a pretty cool deal. I was there every weekend from early March to late November calling the races.

We had top fuel dragsters, funny cars, pro stockers, gassers, you name it! We even had a 300-mph rocket car once. I got to know the racers and the track crew – I even mooched a ride in George Curitin’s SS/LA small-block Chevy Nova once. One of my track crew buddies was a colorful fellow named, Omar Bolden, we were both Chevy guys and Omar has a stunning 1967 427/437 Corvette Roadster. That car was loud, strong, and FAST!

One day I got to the track early and saw Omar. “Hey Scotty! Come on over and lets do some bench racing!” I figured out right quick that he wanted to talk about Corvettes or Grumpy Jenkins or that evenings funny car show or something to do with cars and racing. So I parked on a bench with Omar and we just started shooing the breeze till it was time for us to get to work. Omar was one of the tech officials.

But I never forgot the expression, “bench racing.” Let’s fast forward to 1999 when I started my first website, http://www.Precision-Illustration.com. By that time I had been writing and drawing for car magazine for 25 years and had a large collection of amusing stories that I started adding to a special page on the sites called… you guessed it… Bench Racing. The pages are still there and occasionally I get an e-mail about something written there.

So, let’s fast forward again to today, October 2008. Last Summer when I was working with my website developers at SolidCactus.com on my NEW Motorheadgear.com website, they strongly advised me to start a blog and link it to my new site.

Motorsports is a HUGE topic. My areas of interest are:

* Nostalgia Drag Racing
* Detroit Muscle Cars
* Corvettes
* Sports Cars
* Sports Car Racing

Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be adding my old Bench Racing stories, as well as stories from my monthly newsletter, The Corvette Report. Each month in The Corvette Report, I have a section titled, “Let’s Play Corvette Odd-Ball” where I highlight quirky, unusual Corvettes. And there are PLENTY of them to be sure. Another section in The Corvette report is called, “Vette Videos” and I usually share 3 or 4 each month.

Over the last few years, the internet has dished up two very cool, interactive features. YouTube and GoogleVideo has made it easy for us to share and experience all kinds of videos. And Blog enable us to read and easily chat and make comments.

So, pull up a bench and lets go BENCH RACING! – Dude Out!


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